Atomic Fireballs

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Atomic Fireballs

Atomic Fireball 2400 Count Bulk Case
Atomic fireballs are a great tasting hot cinnamon jawbreaker. These super fiery candies come individually wrapped and are a great option for parties and events. Kids love testing their toughness against the super hot flavor of these Atomic Fireballs!

Flavor: Hot Cinnamon
Weight: 26 lbs
Quantity: 2400 count
Manufacturer: Perfetti van Melle / Ferrara Pan

Caution: This product is individually wrapped and will not dispense in a candy machine or a gumball machine.

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Fun Facts about Atomic Fireballs
A single grain of sugar is the beginning of an Atomic Fireball
The sugar is then whirled with melted sugar until it snowballs to the right size.

It would take 2 million, 25 pound cases of Atomic Fireballs to circle the earth.

720,000 Atomic Fireballs can be packaged daily.

2 million Atomic Fireballs are sent out in one truckload.