Brown Gumballs (1"/850count) - discontinued due to manufacturer minimums

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Brown Gumballs (1/850count)

Brown Gumballs 1"/850 Count Bulk Case
Who says brown is boring? Add some pizazz to your brown-themed party, wedding or corporate event! Brown gumballs can be used by themselves or combined with other colors for beautiful and decidedly un-boring party candy bars, wedding table center pieces, or in big spiral gumball machines at trade shows! These brown gumballs come in an 850-count bulk case, and each gumball is 1" or 25 mm in diameter.

Flavor: Root Beer
Size: 1 inch / 25mm diameter
Quantity: 850 gumballs per case
Weight: 17 pounds

Kosher Certification BVK - Ford Gumballs Certified Kosher 

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