Chlorophyll Mint Chicle Chews

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Chlorophyll Mint Chicle Chews

Chlorophyll Mint Chicle Chews Bubble Gum 25 Pound Bulk Case
Most of us recognize chlorophyll as the part of a plant that turns the Sun's light into energy that plants can use to live off of, but did you know that it is also a natural deterrent of bad breath? Chlorophyll chicklets by Carousel are made with real chlorophyll and are most effective at stopping bad breath in its tracks! Chlorophyll chiclets have a great mint flavor and can be dispensed from any candy machine with a bulk candy dispensing wheel.

Flavors: Chlorophyll Mint
Quantity: 9,900 mini chiclets per case
Weight: 25 pounds
Manufacturer: Carousel / Ford Gum (Made in the USA)

Kosher Certification BVK - Ford Gumballs Certified Kosher 

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