Strawberry Banana Gumballs (.92"/1080count) - discontinued by concord per stacy on 7/15/15

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Strawberry Banana Gumballs (.92"/1080count)

Strawberry Banana Gumballs by Dubble Bubble .925"/1080 Count Bulk Case
Strawberry and banana are a classic flavor combination, and it's been re-created in these delicious fruity gourmet gumballs. These 1080 count Strawberry Banana gum balls by Dubble Bubble (aka Double Bubble) have a gourmet flavor combination of strawberry and banana! Each gumball is .925" or 23mm in diameter.

Flavors: Strawberry & banana
Size: .925 inch / 23mm diameter
Quantity: 1080 gumballs per case
Weight: 18 pounds
Manufacturer: Concord Confections / Tootsie Roll
Logo: A Dubble Bubble logo is imprinted on each gumball

Kosher Certification Circle U