Green Apple Gumballs (.92"/1080count)

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Green Apple Gumballs (.92/1080count)

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Green Apple Gumballs 1080 Count Bulk Case
Sour Green Apple Gumballs taste great! These gumballs have a great light green color and no logo making them a good decoration tool as well. The Green Apple flavor has a sour edge to them and starts out as a tart gumball before becoming sweeter as you continue to chew. These are the smaller .92 inch size which is still compatible in most commercial gumball machines.

Flavor: Sour green apple
Size: .92 inch (15/16) / 23mm diameter
Quantity: 1080 gumballs per case
Weight: 18 pounds
Manufacturer: Oak Leaf Confections/SweetWorks

Kosher Certification Circle U