Half & Half Gumballs (.92"/1080count) - discontinued order 20 or more at once

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Half & Half Gumballs (.92"/1080count)

Half & Half Gumballs 1080 Count Bulk Case
Orange and Apple in the same Gumball? That is exactly what these half and half gumballs do, they take two great fruit flavors and combine them into a single gumball. With 4 different flavor combinations, these gumballs will keep your taste buds guessing and smiling. This case of half and half gumballs are in the .92 inch size and are compatible with most gumball machines.

Flavors: Strawberry & Banana, Orange & Apple, Grape & Blueberry, Peach & Orange
Size: .92 inch (15/16) / 23mm diameter
Quantity: 1080 gumballs per case
Weight: 18 pounds
Manufacturer: Oak Leaf Confections/SweetWorks

Kosher Certification Circle U