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Kicked Up Lemonade Sour Gumballs  (1"/850count)

Kicked Up Lemonade Sour Gumballs 1" - 850 Count Bulk Case
With 425 Pink Lemonade Gumballs and 425 Yellow Lemonade Gumballs in one bulk case this has all the makings of a great gumball party in a box. Kicked Up Lemonade Gumballs have a wonderful sour then sweet taste that kids of any age love. These gumballs are in the standard 1" size and will work with most commercial gumball machines.

Flavors: Sour yellow & pink lemonade
Size: 1 inch / 25mm diameter
Quantity: 850 gumballs per case
Weight: 17 pounds
Manufacturer: Oak Leaf Confections/SweetWorks

Kosher Certification Circle U