Knuckle Tattoos

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300ct Mix of Knuckle Tattoos
15 different Knuckle Tattoos to collect with three sets of tattoos per sheet!

These knuckle tattoos each have a different phrase and each page has 3 sets of 8 individual tattoos, enough to reapply these to all 8 fingers.  Phrases include, Rock Star, Cute & Dork, Paranoid, Push Pull, Baby Doll, Live Life, Game Over, Hugs XOXO, Vida Loca, Give Take, Free Love, Sexy Chick, and Love Boys.  These temporary tattoos are easy to apply and appeal to a teenage demographic.

Each card contains 24 tattoo letters that can be applied.

Click to enlarge photo to see the individual tattoos included.

Each case includes 300 vending tattoos pre-packed in ready-to-vend cardboard folders and a FREE two-sided display card for your tattoo vending machine.

Availability: Tattoo and other flatvend items usually leave our warehouse in 1-2 business days.