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Assorted Emoji Human Keychains (24pc)

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Assorted Emoji Human Keychains (24pc)

Assorted Emoji Human Keychains (24pc) - whereas other products normally feature a disembodied emoji face, these keychains recall that emojis really embody a human's entire being. The assortment includes little red, blue and yellow gender-neutral dolls with exquisitely expressive emoji faces ranging from happy to heartbroken. These emojis speak to the range of emotions your very human customers may wish to express on a given day, so one might expect that a single customer may want a different one on a different day. Be ready for the rush; stock up now! Decorative blue display box included.

Availability: These Assorted Emoji Human Keychains (24pc) are in stock and usually ship out in one or two business days.


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