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Atomic Fireballs (26lbs)

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Atomic Fireball 2400 Count Bulk Case
Atomic fireballs are a great tasting hot cinnamon jawbreaker. These super fiery candies come individually wrapped and are a great option for parties and events. Kids love testing their toughness against the super hot flavor of these Atomic Fireballs! Individual Atomic Fireball size is approximately 18 to 20mm, or right around 3/4 inch.

Flavor: Hot Cinnamon
Weight: 26 lbs
Quantity: 2400 count
Manufacturer: Perfetti van Melle / Ferrara Pan

Caution: This product is individually wrapped and will not dispense in a candy machine or a gumball machine.

Freshness Guarantee

Fun Facts about Atomic Fireballs
A single grain of sugar is the beginning of an Atomic Fireball
The sugar is then whirled with melted sugar until it snowballs to the right size.

It would take 2 million, 25 pound cases of Atomic Fireballs to circle the earth.

720,000 Atomic Fireballs can be packaged daily.

2 million Atomic Fireballs are sent out in one truckload.


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