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Barbie Bubble Mermaid

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Barbie Bubble Mermaid

Barbie Bubble Mermaid spins her fins to throw out oodles of bubbles. Well, by pulling the string in the doll's back, the little girl in your customers can spin her fins for her. After a suitable amount of bubble-making, customers will also enjoy sitting and fixing Barbie's hair with the included brush & tiara for hours of both active and quiet fun. Includes a starter 2oz solution of soapy solution with which to make the bubbles, and a shell-shaped tray to dip the fins. Once the starter solution is used up, any soap solution will work. Cases of 6 avaialable; please call for pricing.

Availability: These Barbie Bubble Mermaid are in stock and usually ship out in one or two business days.


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