56" Coin Twister Wishing Well

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56" Coin Twister Spiral Wishing Well
You'll be amazed how excited people will be to throw their money down a hole...and into your lock box! Our hypobolic spiral wishing well is pure amusement for them and a big money maker for you! Customers drop a coin into one of the two launchers and watch mezmerized as the coin rolls around and around the vortex, spiraling down into the center of the coin funnel. As the coin spirals down it increases in speed, and when it finally reaches the vortex of the funnel, its spinning at a 90-degree angle so quickly that its a blur. When it finally reaches the bottom of the funnel, it drops through a small hole into a bin inside a dual-locked coin access panel (for easy and secure coin retrieval). All you have to do is unlock the access door, empty your bucket of money, and take it to the bank!

Watch as kids of all ages line up to "race" each other to see which coin is the first to drop into your lock box. Two coins can be launched at the same time and they won't hit each other. Customers also try to race different coins to see which coin is faster.

Don't settle for small, flimsy, cheap wishing wells that can't stand up to curious kids climbing all over them. This is the sturdiest quality coin vortex funnel available!

Our Coin Funnel Wishing Well has performed extremely well in high-volume traffic locations like shopping malls, museums, airports, stadiums, movie theaters, swap meets, and fairground events. It is housed in a hexagonal shaped base made of composite plastic material like you'd see on a solid counter top (sturdy!). It contains no moving parts and is very easy to maintain - just wipe off the finger prints.


  • Base Color: Only available in Black with Silver Flecks.
  • Spiral funnel color: Black only (coins stand out best against black).
  • 29" high x 56" wide (outside cabinet)
  • Funnel diameter is approximately 62"
  • Weight: 175 lbs.

Overhead Sign & Graphics Customers can purchase the optional overhead sign, with or without custom graphics. Custom graphics requires production-ready artwork to be provided by the customer. Some customers also apply signage to the sides of the hexagon base.

Launcher Graphics Customers can apply decals to the launchers for signage after it is received. We cannot add factory-installed signage, but the launchers come with factory-installed graphics that say "Coin Vortex - Which Coin Rolls Faster?" with pictures of a quarter, nickle, dime and penny. Some customers also apply signage to the sides of the hexagon base.

Flat Rate Shipping: Standard freight is $450 within continental US which includes a free lift-gate for curbside delivery. We can also arrange inside delivery for an extra charge.

Availability: Custom built to order. Usually leaves the warehouse in 5-6 weeks.

Check out this video of our coin vortex in action!

Also called a Coin Vortex Machine, Coin Spiral Machine, Coin Hyperbolic Funnel, Coin Spiral Wishing Well, and Wishing Well Vending Machine!


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