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Columbia Carousel Gumball Machine

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The Old Columbia Carousel Gumball Machine
While buying this antique gumball machine won’t give you an honorary degree from Columbia, after such a smart purchase, you’ll certainly feel like you belong at an Ivy League institution. With its original design and sliding coin mechanism, you’ll be turning heads every time a gumball pops out.

The Carousel Old Columbia Gumball Machine is a brand new replica of the antique gumball machine style that has been in service since the 1940's and is guaranteed to be an authentic Carousel Gumball Machine made by Ford Gum. Don't settle for imitations!

At 15" tall, this old fashioned gumball machine is perfect for home, office or dorm room use. It's also a great gumball machine for kids because it works as a gumball machine bank that helps teach how to save money. Kids of all ages love to put a coin in and guess which color they'll get!

Columbia Carousel Gumball Machine Features:

  • Real glass gumball machine globe
  • Cast metal gumball machine base, lid, and coin mechanism
  • Accepts any coins (quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies)
  • Includes instructions for "free spin" to work without coins
  • Works as a gumball bank - retrieve coins when full
  • Includes real padlock & key for the lid
  • Dispenses small gumballs (.62" or smaller), candy, or nuts
  • Gumball capacity: 5 lbs. of .62" gumballs
  • Machine comes fully assembled in a gift box
  • Dimensions: 15"H x 8"W (37" tall with optional stand)
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Color: Classic red finish
  • 30-day money back guarantee


Don't forget the Gumballs! This machine does not include gumballs. But if you add gumballs from the drop-down menu above, you'll pay no additional shipping cost for the gumballs! Choose regular or sugar free Carousel-brand assorted gumballs, guaranteed fresh!

Availability: Plenty in stock! Most orders shipped and received within 3-6 business days from order date. This item ships to USA addresses only.

Great gift idea! Columbia Carousel Gumball Machines are a perfect gift for both the young and young at heart! Kids can use the Old Columbia Gumball Machine as a bank that rewards them with a gumball every time they put a coin into their savings. Click on the smaller photo above for an enlarged view of the Old Columbia's colorful gift box.

How to Assemble the Columbia Carousel Gumball Machine - Video

How to Use the Columbia Carousel Gumball Machine - Video


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