Domo 100% Licensed Crane Mix 150pc

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100% Domo Licensed Medium Plush Toy Crane Mix - 150 pieces

Kids love Domo! But who is he? Domo is the mascot of Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), the Japanese broadcasting corporation. For kids around the world, Domo is a beloved and peculiar brown creature with a huge saw-toothed mouth who hatched from an egg. Domo's story began when he fell down a hole to Usajii's house, a wise old rabbit who loves watching TV. As a result, Domo also loves to watch TV. Domo got his name when Usajii turns on the TV and an announcer says,"Domo konnichiwa..." which translates to "hello very much." The Domo name stuck! Domo is found in comics, manga, anime and video games and is popular with kids all over the world. Don't let the big teeth scare will love trying their luck with your crane machine to "grab" one of these furry characters!

100% Domo medium plush toys are sized 7". 150 Domo pieces per mix.

Crane mixes change frequently to include new items - actual Domo items you receive may vary from the photo above (but they'’ll be similar quality).


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