Emoji Poop Jewelry Mix 2"Capsules

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Emoji Poop Jewelry Mix in 2" Toy Capsules - 250 count

Wearable poop is now available for the two-inch capsule machines! Er... Poop Emojis, that is. This mix of poop emoji clips and poop emoji bracelets also includes some emoji poop rings, one of which is wearing a cowboy hat. Youngsters doubled over with hilarity by the concept of poop, as well as slightly more mature technology users and others, will love to wear these poops (emojis) on their wrist, ankle, finger or jacket. it's almost the same as wearing your heart on your sleeve, just not quite as pretty! Stock up today.

The Emoji Poop Jewelry Mix display card comes FREE with your purchase to show off the product and help increase sales!

Availability: These Emoji Poop Jewelry Mix in 2-inch capsules are in stock and usually ship out in one or two business days.


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