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Finger Lights 2"Capsules

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Finger Lights Series 2 in 2"Capsules – 250 count
These are mini-flashlights that you can wear on your fingers.  Useful for pointing or for a little glow when it's completely dark outside.  These Finger Lights will not only appeal to both girls and boys but may take the adult world by storm as well.  5 different colors. This series 2 comes in different shapes and colors.

FREE with your purchase: A blister display card showing the Finger LIghts for the inside of your two-inch toy vending machine globe helps grab attention and increase sales. Card measures 7” x 9” and can be folded to 5” x 7”.

AvailabilityFinger Lights are in stock and usually ship out in 1-3 business days.


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