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Green Decorator Gumballs 2lbs

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Green Decorator Gumballs 1" 2lbs
Green is the color of emeralds and is often associated with Spring as grass and trees come to life. St Patrick's Day is another wonderful occasion for green gumbalsls! Are you planning a green-themed party, wedding or corporate event? Green gumballs can be used by themselves or combined with other colors to personalize your event with green candy bars, wedding table center pieces, and in big spiral gumball machines at trade shows! 

Size: 1 inch / 25mm diameter
Quantity: about 120 gumballs per bag
Weight: 2 pounds
No Logo: These blank gumballs have no logo on them

Kosher Certification Circle U 

No Color Guarantees: The photo above is an actual flash photo, but the green color you receive may vary slightly depending on differences in manufacturing runs and lighting. There are no returns on edible products.


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