Gumband Guns 2"Capsules

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Gumband Guns in 2" Toy Capsules - 250 count

  • One version offers single action plastic pistols in blue, yellow or orange. They hold a single rubberband for target practice. With these rubberband guns, not much goes wrong with a day at the range. Not suitable for those under 3 years old.
  • The other version comes in at least three different colors and allow for lively target practice with a box of rubber bands. Rubber bands are not included. Ready, Aim, Fire!.
  • If you prefer one version over the other, please note in comments or notify us immediately after placing an order. Include order number and which version is wanted.

The corresponding Gumband Guns display card comes FREE with your purchase to show off the product and help increase sales!

Availability: These Gumband Guns in 2-inch capsules are in stock and usually ship out in one or two business days.


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