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How to Change a Gumball or Candy Machine Dispensing Wheel

Instructions on How to Change a Dispensing Wheel

Bulk vending machines usually vend a 1" item like a gumball OR smaller bulk candy items like M&M's, Skittles, chiclet gum, nuts, smaller gumballs, etc. What you vend from your candy and gumball machine depends on the type of dispensing wheel inside the machine (see "Dispensing Wheel Basics" above). The good news is, if you start vending a 1" item and decide later that you'd like to switch to vending bulk candy (or vice versa), you easily can without purchasing a new machine. All you need to do is swap one dispensing wheel for the other!

Changing the dispensing wheel in a bulk vending machine is easy.

  • First, remove the lock and lid from the machine.
  • Next, remove the globe from the hopper by taking out whatever screws are holding it down (usually two longer side screws, or four screws in each corner at the bottom of the globe.)
  • Once the globe is removed, you should be able to lift the dispensing wheel up off the center rod of the machine. In some machines, you might have to remove two screws on either side of the dispensing wheel assembly to lift it out of the machine.
  • After you have removed the dispensing wheel, you can now slide the new dispensing wheel down the center rod of the machine.
  • If your dispensing wheel assembly has the word "front" on it, be sure to align the front part of the wheel with the front of the candy or gumball machine.
  • Finally, replace the necessary screws, globe, lid and lock and you are set to vend!