Imagi Minis 1" Capsules

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Imagi Minis 1" Capsules - 250ct
Imagi Minis  are designed like the Rohrshach test - triggering the imagination to generate stories. With colorful characters such as Phinn the Pharaoh, Muship, King Tentacle, Cybert and Elwen, among many others, the creative possibilities are endless. With these Imagi Minis, expect to see the vending sales you have been imagining, as imaginative youngsters themselves try to collect the creatures and create complex tales about them! Each Imagi Mini comes in a round 1.1" toy capsule, which will vend from any machine equipped with a 1.1" toy capsule dispensing wheel. Start selling Imagi Minis today!

 The Imagi Minis 1" Capsules display card comes FREE with your purchase to show off the product and help increase sales!

Availability: Imagi Minis in one inch round capsules are in stock and usually ship in one or two business days.


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