Mini Ducks Eye Poppers 2"Capsules

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Mini Ducks Eye Poppers in 2" Toy Capsules - 250 count

All of the ducks in this mix are highly desireable. You might get an eye-popping duck (squeeze it and the eyes pop outward) or you might get a mini-duck figurine. Eye popping ducks have personalities, such as Bullseye, Bling, Eight Ball, Flame, Goth, Lucky, Pirate, Tuxedo, Vampire, Zombie and Yin-Yang! There are 175 little ducks 75 eye popper ducks in each unit of 250.

The Mini Ducks Eye Poppers display card comes FREE with your purchase to show off the product and help increase sales!

Availability: These Mini Ducks Eye Poppers in 2-inch capsules are in stock and usually ship out in one or two business days.


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