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Mini Marvel Figurines Series 2 (2"/12pc)

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Mini Marvel Figurines Series 2 (2"/12pc)

Mini Marvel Figurines Series 2 (2"/12pc) feature two Marvel personages per packet - one hero and one villian. Hulk and Loki, Mr Fantastic and Mr Doom, Punisher and Deadpool, Daredevil and Venom. Not only is the combination of characters sure to evoke exciting imaginary battles, but the figurines themselves each bend in 14 different places, allowing for a nearly infinite combination of poses. On top of that, each character has appropriate accessories accompanying, such as Mr Fantastics' stretching parts, Daredevil's billy clubs and Loki's removable helmet, cape and hairpiece, among others. These toys are sure to be a hit among the imaginative customers with time to play with them and collectors may very well want their own as well. You need to stock up on these carefully designed Marvel toys!

Availability: These Mini Marvel Figurines Series 2 (2"/12pc) are in stock and usually ship out in one or two business days.


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