Side Box Prize Locker

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Side Box Prize Locker
The Side Box Prize Locker can pair with any game that dispenses product, including but not limited to crane machines, Gravity Hill, Sports Arena, LightHouses, stackers, Skittle Balls and even bulk toy capsule machines. There are five prize compartments that can display all sorts of product, beyond what the parent machine is capable of dispensing. Each compartment has a key that allows access to the corresponding prize. The keys are then attached to any of the product used by the particular machine that you set up. The key can be attached to the outside of a knobby ball with a rubber band, or inserted into a toy capsule, for example. When the machine delivers a prize with one of the keys to the customer, the excitement is almost too much to bear, waiting to see which prize the customer won from the Side Box Prize Locker . The customer opens the appropriate compartment with the key, and claims the prize. Once opened, the key remains in the door and cannot be released until you use the master key. These compartments allow for additional prizes not normally available to the customer.  Expand your possibilities and customer urge to play your game with the Side Box Prize Locker. 

- All metal frame construction
- LED lights inside the box.
- Mount to wall or side of another machine
- Optional Sign kit to explain how it works
- One year manufacturer's warranty with free overnight parts shipping (customers must pay to ship back the defective part).
- Great technical support - can even be scheduled after hours!
- Designed and engineered in the USA
- Dimensions (in use): 60"H x 18"W x 16"D 
- Dimensions (shipping) 64"H x 33"W x 33"D 
- Ship Weight: 125 lbs

Freight Shipping within the continental US to your loading dock. We can also add a liftgate for curbside delivery for an extra fee.

Availability: The Side Box Prize Locker usually ships within 2 business days. 


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