SpongeBob KrustyPants Stickers

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300ct SpongeBob KrustyPants Vending Stickers - Sticker Machine Refill
Everyone loves SpongeBob SquarePants! They are sure to love this KrustyPants edition of SpongeBob-themed stickers.  With 15 different stickers from which to choose, aficionados will come back again & again to your sticker machine.  Each sticker comes in a flat-vend sleeve that is ready to sell.

Click on the thumbnail images above to see the specific stickers in this SpongeBob KrustyPants Stickers Pack.

Each case of SpongeBob KrustyPants Stickers includes 300 pre-packed stickers in ready-to-vend cardboard folders and a FREE two-sided Adventure Time display card for your sticker vending machine.

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