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Official Sqwishland Toy Capsule Vending Machine

Availability: Discontinued



The Official Sqwishland Toy Capsule Vending Machine
This trusty little machine draws in the customers. Manufactured by a company with over 20 years of experience in the vending machine business, it performs reliably as it offers you a large capacity of 1000 Sqwishland toy capsules. As shown in the picture, the Pet Shop Topper attracts attention to draw customers' eyes over to the machine, where, once they see the Sqwishland promotional stickers and real product to buy, they want to input their two quarters to see what they get. If your situation requires it, the machine can instead be manufactured to receive a standard .984" token instead of quarters! It's no wonder the National Bulk Vending Association has voted it the best-selling vending machine in 2017. Get yours today!

• 360-degree rotating vending head
• Heavy duty metal lid & locks
• all-metal heavy-duty stand
• Top-quality, all metal 50¢ US/Canadian coin mechanisms
• Metal coin door, base, & frame
• Top quality powder coat finish
• Can also be set to free-spin to work without coins
• Removable cash drawer
• Heavy duty barrel lock & key for the lids
• Weight: 60 lbs

Machine Specifications:
• Dimensions: 18" H x 15”W (4.75" wide pods) X 8" deep.
• Globe width: 9.5”
• Stand diameter: 17" round footprint;
•Sqwishland toy capsule capacity: 1000 one-inch toy capsules
• Coin capacity: $200 in quarters

•Limited 1-year manufacturer's warranty
•30-day money back guarantee.

Availability: Usually leaves the warehouse in 1-3 business days with standard currency coin mechanism, leaves warehouse in 5 business days for token or other coin mechanisms.


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