Standard Change Machine System 600 EF Bill Acceptor

System 600EF Bill Acceptor

The System 600 EF Bill Validator is the most technically advanced bill acceptor in the industry. It offers a wide array of user-friendly features that provide excellent security features, bill acceptance and audit functions. It is designed to help you manage your self-service business more effectively and efficiently.

• Simple programming steps allow you to customize your machine’s functions
• Easy, automatic calibration – accomplished in seconds
• Expanded function CPU board with fast, powerful microprocessor
• Expanded on-board memory recognizes up to 64 bill patterns
• “Flash stick” memory device for quick and easy software updates.
• The Flash Stick “port” is accessible by removing the back panel for added convenience.
• RS232 interface for serial communications
• Automatic reset of tampered (error) conditions, without any personal involvement
• Displays the last 20 bills accepted
• Fast bill acceptance cycle with reduced bill recognition time
• Track cell sensor board improves reliability and longevity
• Customer selectable one, two, or four-way bill acceptance (program upgrade available through flash stick when available)
• Two year limited warranty

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