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Sticky Critters 2"Capsules

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Sticky Critters 2" Toy Capsules - 250 count

These sticky critters might creep moms out, but kids will line up to get them! Packaged in 250 two-inch toy capsules, the Sticky Critters are a great way to fill vending machines in any location. This 2" toy capsule mix also work great as rewards after a dentist or doctor visit, or as an incentive in school. Featuring 10 different creepy pests such as a fly, lizard, worm, centipede, a frog and more! Please note that the Sticky Critter in the 2" toy capsule is the same size as the Sticky Critter in the 1" toy capsule. To vend this item, you will need a 2" toy capsule dispensing wheel.

FREE with purchase: A Sticky Critters 2" toy capsule display card to go inside the globe of the toy vending machine. 


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