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Meiji Strawberry Creme Yan Yan 10ct

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Strawberry Creme Yan Yan 10ct
Strawberry Creme Yan Yan is a convenient snack packet with an twist that makes English-speakers think. The tall, slender, pink-themed packet has 2 convenient compartments for effective yan yan delivery. The long, thin crackers come in one compartment, and the strawberry creme itself in the second compartment. Each stick is used for dipping, but not after inspecting it to determine which animal and animal motif are featured on that stick. Accompanying the animal information is a saying about that animal. Some of them are expressive in unusual ways, the more intriguing to make the snack/yan yan. Examples include: Duck: Go For A Swim, Snail: Snail Mail?, or Rhinoceros: Think Big. Practice international linguistic awareness with this fun, tidy, educational snack called Yan Yan!.


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