Assorted Chicle Tabs Bubble Gum

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Assorted Chicle Tabs Bubble Gum

Chicle Tabs Assorted Fruit Flavor Bubble Gum 25lb Bulk Case
With a combination of great flavors ranging from classic fruit flavors to cinnamon and mint, these mini chicklets gum tabs have something for everyone. This is a classic tab chiclet gum mix that can be vended through any coin operated machine with a bulk candy dispensing wheel. Chiclets are often a popular choice because they appeal to both kids and adults.

Colors/Flavors: White/Fruit, Yellow/Fruit, Orange/Orange, Red/Cinnamon, Pink/Wintergreen, Green/Wintergreen
Quantity: 9,900 chiclets per case
Weight: 25 pounds
Manufacturer: Oak Leaf Confections

Kosher Certification Circle U