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Gumballs by Size

Buy gumballs by size from small to large gumballs! Not sure which size gumballs to choose for your gumball machine? Here are a few helpful hints: All of our Carousel home-use gumball machines dispense .62" small gumballs. The standard gumball size for commercial 25¢ gumball vending machines are 1" 850-count gumballs. But here's a little secret: some customers use .92" 1080-count gumballs which also work with commercial gumball machines, and can return more profit per case because of the higher quantity. Large gumballs bigger than 1" can only be dispensed through a 2" toy capsule or bouncy ball machine. If you are not sure which gumball size your gumball machine dispenses, look inside the bottom of your machine globe to see the size of the dispensing wheel openings.
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Gumball Sizes

Learn about the different Sizes of Gumballs

We created this video to show off the different sizes of gumballs and to make it easier to learn which size you should purchase.