Gumballs by Size

Not sure which size gumballs to choose for your gumball machine? Here are a few helpful hints:

  • All of our home-use gumball machines dispense .62" and smaller gumballs, which are sold separately.
  • The standard gumball size for commercial 25¢ gumball vending machines is 1" 850-count gumballs. But here's a little secret: some customers use .92" 1080-count gumballs which also work with commercial gumball machines, and can return more profit per case because of the higher quantity.
  • Large gumballs bigger than 1" can only be dispensed through a 2" toy capsule or bouncy ball machine.

What Size Gumballs Should I Buy?

Gumballs are available in several different sizes. Please see the graphic below for a relative comparison (not actual sizes)

Gumball Size Chart

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