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Chiclets Gum

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Bulk Chiclets gum and wholesale Chicklets gum for sale! This popular square gum style goes by many different names all over the world: Chiclets, Chicle Tab Gum, Tablet Gum, Chicle Chews, Chicklets and Chiclet chewing gum. Regardless what you call them, they are one of the most common vending machine refills worldwide and come in flavors that both kids and adults love. Gumballs.com bulk chiclets are the freshest and tastiest chicklets you can buy - freshness guaranteed! Try our delicious Chiclets and taste the difference yourself!

Kosher Chiclets gum and Kosher Chicklets gum found here! We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of certified Kosher chiclets on the internet! Individual product pages list the specific Kosher certification and symbol.

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Additional Information

What type of vending machine do I need to sell chiclets gum?

Chiclets are small pieces of chewing gum that are popular with both kids and adults, but they are smaller than most pieces of candy. In most cases you dispense chiclets with a candy dispensing wheel included with most candy vending machines. These machines have an adjustable dispensing wheel that allows you to change the number of chiclets that are dispensed with each vend (or every time a person places a quarter in your machine and turns the handle).

With most vending machines, you will want to adjust the candy dispensing wheel all of the way closed to dispense as few chiclets as possible. This is not an attempt to cheat your customers, but to keep a proper flow of chiclets gum coming out of your machine. Most of the time if the candy dispensing wheel is set up with a larger opening, it is possible to turn the wheel so that there is a straight line shot from your globe that is just big enough for a chiclet to escape through (and because chiclets are like lemmings, if one of them can escape you will find that you have your entire globe of chiclets making a beeline for the exit).

Fun facts about chiclets gum and chewing gum.

Civilizations have been enjoying chewing gum for thousands of years! The first chewing gum was derived from sticky tree resins and saps. Ancient Greeks chewed resin from the mastic tree as a means of cleaning teeth and freshening breath. The Mayan people chewed on the sap of the sapodilla tree, also known as chicle.

Chicle is the natural resin from the sapodilla tree and was found to be capable of retaining flavor. This unique ability is what helped make chewing gum popular.

The first commercial chewing gum was introduced by John B. Curtis in 1848 and was called State of Maine Spruce Gum.

U.S. patent # 98,304, the first patent for chewing gum, was awarded to an Ohio dentist named William F. Semple in 1869.

During World War II, U.S. soldiers and military personnel popularized chewing gum by trading it and gifting it to people in Europe, Africa, Asia and around the world.

Chewing gum stimulates the production of saliva, which can help neutralize the acids in food that promote tooth decay. Chewing sugar-free gum can stimulate saliva production by up to ten times the normal rate! Many dentists recommend chewing sugar-free gum to help promote good oral health.

Studies have shown that chewing gum can help improve concentration and memory, ease tension, suppress appetite and aid in smoking cessation.

Researchers at St. Lawrence University found that chewing gum before taking a test improved a student’s overall performance on several tests, but only for a short period. The effect was strongest right after gum-chewing, and dropped to normal levels within 20 minutes. The gum-chewing helped during recall and memory tasks. Researchers believe that the increased brainpower stems from chewing gum helping to “warm up” the brain. Similar to mild exercise, chewing gum increases heart rate and blood pressure, which increases blood flow to the brain.

Sugarless chewing gum was first introduced in the early 1950s.

Basketball great Michael Jordan chewed gum during games to help him concentrate. His gum of choice was Doublemint. Other athletes have been known to chew gum to help keep their mouths moist.

Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters chews gum when he performs. Chewing gum, he says, keeps his mouth and throat lubricated, making it easier to scream lyrics while protecting his vocal chords.