Chiclets Gum Freshness Guarantee

This distinctively quadrilateral gum is known worldwide by a variety of names: Chiclets, Tablet Gum, Chicle Tab Gum, Chicle Chews, Chicklets, Gomas and Chiclet chewing gum. Regardless of terminology, they are a quite common worldwide product. Both Kids & adults love the flavors. bulk pillowy quadrilateral chiclets are the tastiest and freshest chiclets around - and, we have that freshness guarantee! Taste the superior flavor yourself!

Kosher Chiclets gum found here! We proudly carry the largest selection of certified Kosher chiclets online! Individual product pages list the specific Kosher symbol.

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For chiclets gum, what machine do I need?

Chiclets are small pillowy pieces of candy-coated chewing gum loved by both kids and adults. This is partly because they are smaller than most candy pieces. In most cases, chiclets require the candy dispensing wheel included with most candy vending machines. The candy dispensing wheel allows you to vary the number of chiclets dispensed per vend, every time a person inserts a quarter and turns the handle.

With most vending machines, you should adjust the candy dispensing wheel all of the way closed to release as few chiclets as possible. You are not cheating the customers, but ensuring a proper flow of chiclets from the machine. With too large an opening to the candy wheel, chiclets become like lemmings: where one escapes they all escape, making a beeline for the exit.

Fun facts regarding chiclets & chewing gum

People have been enjoying chewing gum for thousands of years! The first chewing gum came from sticky arboreal saps and resins. Specifically, the ancient Greeks used resin from the mastic tree to clean their teeth and freshen breath. The Mayan people chewed chicle, which is sap from the sopadilla tree. Below are additional fun facts:

  • Chicle, the natural resin from the sapodilla tree, was discovered to retain flavor. This helped cause chewing gum to be invented.
  • The first commercial chewing gum was called State of Maine Spruce Gum and introduced by John B. Curtis in 1848. 
  • The first patent for chewing gum, U.S. patent # 98,304, belonged to an Ohio dentist named William F. Semple in 1869.
  • During World War II, U.S. soldiers and military personnel popularized chewing gum by trading it and gifting it to people in Europe, Africa, Asia and around the world.
  • Chewing gum stimulates the production of saliva, which helps buffer the acids in foods that promote tooth decay.
  • Chewing sugar-free gum stimulates saliva production by up to 10-times the normal rate! Many dentists recommend chewing sugar-free gum to help promote good oral health.
  • Studies show that chewing gum can help improve concentration and memory, suppress appetite,  ease tension, and helps quit smoking.
  • Researchers at St. Lawrence University found that chewing gum prior to testing raised a student’s overall performance, but only for a short period. The effect was strongest right after gum-chewing, and dropped to normal levels within 20 minutes. The gum-chewing appeared to improve recall and memory tasks. Researchers believe that the increased brainpower results from increased blood flow to the brain. In a physiological mechansim similar to what occurs during mild exercise,  gum chewing increases heart rate and blood pressure, which, in turn, causes more blood flow to the brain.
  • Sugarless chewing gum first came into being in the early 1950s.
  • Basketball great Michael Jordan chewed Doublemint gum during games to help him concentrate. Other athletes have been known to chew gum to moisten the mouth.
  • Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) chews gum during performances. Chewing gum, he says, keeps his mouth and throat lubricated, making it easier to scream the words and still protect the vocal chords.