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Nuts and nutcases find a lot of useful information here. Why in the world would anyone purchase small packages of nuts when the same person can acquire bulk items at lower overall prices with larger amounts.The huge selection available of bulk mixed nuts, brazil nuts, filberts, peanuts and other nuts, appeals to any nutcase because of the stunning freshness guarantee, super low prices and zero sales tax! Our customers include restauranteurs, zookeepers, snackers and others who love nuts in large amounts. You'll become a nutcase for our bulk product!

Additional Information

What Type of Vending Machine do I Need to Vend Nuts?

The first step to vending bulk nuts is deciding what vending machine you will need. Vending bulk nuts is not as common as candy and gumballs in the bulk vending world, but if you can identify a location to support a vending machine that dispenses nuts, they can be a great way to expand your business. You can vend nuts from any bulk vending machine that is set with a candy dispensing wheel, or you can purchase a machine designed specifically for vending nuts. The difference between using a regular candy machine or the Hot Nut vending machine for dispensing nuts is that the latter includes a heating coil inside the machine that warms the nuts and helps keep them fresh. The Hot Nut machine is not essential to vend nuts successfully, but it does add additional value to the product.

What Kind of Nuts Are Available for Vending?

The sky’s the limit in terms of the types of bulk nuts available for vending, but the varieties you see most often include almonds, cashews, peanuts, and pistachios as well as nut mixtures. In addition to the type of nut, there are flavor options within different nut varieties, such as salted or unsalted, honey roasted, butter toasted, dry roasted, hot and spicy, BBQ, etc.

Where Should I Put my Nut Vending Machine and What Should I Charge?

In this industry, location is the key to success. A bulk vendor that dispenses nuts is a great option for a location that is frequented more by adults than children, examples include bars and employee break rooms. Nuts tend to be costly, so setting the machine up to accept $0.50 or more per vend is perfectly acceptable.

What About Nut Allergies?

There are several steps that you can take to be sensitive to tree nut allergies. With respect to people with nut allergies, label your machine clearly so people know its contents. Labeling what’s inside your machine is always a good idea no matter what you are vending. Also, nut machines should be well maintained and checked to make sure the chute door is working properly. Finally, once you decide to vend nuts through a bulk vending machine, it is a good idea to designate that machine to be for nuts only to avoid any cross contamination.