Crane Machine Toys

Our claw and crane machine stuffed toy refills (known in other places as "stuffies") include licensed plush toys, large boxes of wrapped bulk candy, small, valuable electronics, MP3s, jewelry and other prizes of differing values, sizes and piece counts. Crane mixes offer a lot of versatility. Many owners fill machines with low cost items and then put one or two valuable items in the space. If customers want the valuable item, they try and try again to get it, meaning revenue goes up for the machine. For higher cost per play, a more valuable mix might be used. Please be aware that the exact composition of Crane toy mix contents varies and can be changed often. does not guarantee that the exact picture on the website will be the exact same items received, but they will be of similar quality. Call us about free shipping if ordering 7+ cases of plush toys at one time!

Additional Information

What is the classifications of available crane toys? divides our selection of crane toys into size, content or holiday designations. Size designations include small, medium, large or Jumbo pieces. Small includes pieces between 4 and 8 inches along the longest dimension; medium spans the range from 8 to 11 inches; large starts at 10 inches and goes to 20 inches; Jumbo usually means larger than 20 inches. Licensed contrasts with generic and can be found in mixes containing 10%, 25%, 50% or 100% licensed mixes. Generic mixes are completely generic. Holiday designations are Valentines, July 4, Halloween and Christmas. Regardless of what you want for crane toys or what you want to commemorate, there is a very good chance that can offer it, right here, right now!