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A gumball machine without gumballs is like your 60-year-old neighbor who refuses to mow his own lawn: A useless crank. So add some happiness to your gumball machine by re-stocking it from our largest selection of bulk gumballs and bubble gum on the Internet! And we do such a high volume, we receive deliveries of factory-fresh bulk gumballs every week so they're super fresh and have a long shelf-life (about 10 months). Now, if only your neighbor mowed his lawn as often as we receive fresh gumballs!

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What Size Gumballs Should I Buy?

Gumball Size Chart

Different Gumball Machines use different sizes of gumballs:

  • All of our home-use Carousel Gumball Machines dispense .62" small gumballs in various counts.
  • The standard gumball size for commercial 25¢ Gumball Vending Machines are 1" 850-count gumballs.
  • Some customers use .92" 1080-count gumballs which also work with commercial gumball machines, and can return more profit per case because of the higher quantity (although the gumballs are a hair smaller than the most common 1" sized gumballs).
  • Larger two-inch gumballs can only be dispensed through a 2" toy capsule machines or our 2" bouncy ball machines.

If you are not sure which gumball size you need for your gumball machine, we suggest looking inside the bottom of your machine globe where the dispensing wheel sits. There you can see how big of an opening the dispensing wheel has for the gumball to fall through. If you are purchasing a machine for gumballs, please be sure to choose the gumball dispensing wheel when ordering.

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Gumballs for Corporate Events

Need an eye-catching premium for a corporate event or trade show? Gumballs.com offers a wide selection of cost-effective items that can help cut through the clutter.

  • Stock your trade show booth with a huge gumball/toy capsule machine, such as the Junior Giant Gumball Machine. Fill it with large gumballs or toy capsules.
  • Generate excitement for your trade show booth before the event starts! Fill a toy capsule vending machine with toy capsules filled with notes ("You Win!" or "Please Try Again!") and have a handful of the capsules be worth a high-value prize. Mail a targeted flyer to the customers you most want to visit your booth alerting them about the machine and their chance to win the big prize. Gumballs.com offers empty toy capsules to help bring this traffic-driving promotion to life. Set the machine to free spin or use the money collected for a charitable donation, which also can marketed to booth visitors.
  • Custom gumballs are a great way to eliminate clutter. Gumballs can be customized to include a company name, corporate logo, etc. Plan accordingly; these take up to 4 weeks to create.
  • Place a large gumball machine, such as the Wizard Spiral Gumball Machine at your company entrance or in a trade show booth and fill it with customized gumballs with your corporate logo. Have the coin mechanism set to free spin or use it as a way of raising money for a charity. These machines also can be customized in color for an additional fee. Custom orders take 4-6 weeks to produce.
  • Reward star performers or loyal employees with a fun gift such as a personalized name on a King Carousel gumball machine o be proudly displayed in their work area.

Gumballs for Special Events

Planning a big event? Whether you're tying the knot, celebrating a milestone anniversary, observing a Bar or Bat Mitzvah or any occasion, Gumballs.com has a large selection of items that can help bring a uniquely affordable, personal and fun touch to your festivity. From custom gumballs and custom gumball machines in a variety of colors and sizes to gumballs in a plethora of colors, sizes and flavors to novelty candy, bouncy balls, toy capsules and more, the wide variety of FUN items available at Gumballs.com is sure to get smiles!

Here are just a few ideas that can help bring an added individual flair to your special event, such as a wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah or any celebration:

  • Fill Petite gumball machines with your favorite single-color small gumballs or bulk candy to add a splash of color and a personal touch to the center of tables or even just the kid's table. Place a card underneath each gumball machine with a corresponding card underneath one of the chairs at each table. Whoever is sitting at the chair with the card gets to take the machine home at the end of the event!
  • Bring a uniquely personal touch to your event with a personalized King Carousel gumball machine with names of a bride & groom etched into the glass! Fill with your favorite gumballs, candy or mints and scatter throughout your event location.
  • Fill clear glass bowls or vases with gumballs or candy in colors that coordinate with your event. Gumballs.com offers a wide selection of gumballs by color, as well as custom color gumballs. Plan accordingly; custom-colored gumballs have a lead time of approximately six weeks.
  • Create personalized and custom gumballs for your event. These gumballs can be customized with your event date, name, etc. Fill clear bags tied with an organza ribbon in a complimentary color for a beautiful and delicious keepsake of your event for your guests. Plan accordingly; these take up to 4 weeks to create.
  • Does your party have a theme? Gumballs.com offers a collection of whimsical gumballs and candy, including beach ball gumballs (perfect for a luau or beach-themed party), spooky eyes of terror gumballs (great for Halloween!), soccer and baseball gumballs, Christmas gumballs, red candy hearts and more! Fill bowls and place them in locations easily accessible to guests.
  • Bring a little nostalgia to your wedding or event with a colorful candy bar or candy buffet! From Sixlets to Chewy Spree to Hot Tamales, Mike and Ike's and Runts, Gumballs.com offers a large selection of the freshest and tastiest bulk candy in the world. Supply each of your guests with a goody bag to load up as a sweet reminder of your event.
  • Place a large gumball machine, such as the Wizard Spiral Gumball Machine at the entrance to your party as a fun way to greet guests! Request that the coin mechanism be set to "free spin" or have guests use quarters and use it as a way of raising money for a charity. Fill it with either one-inch gumballs or bouncy balls. These machines also can be ordered in a customized color for an additional fee. Custom orders take 4-6 weeks to produce.