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Bouncy Balls

Bouncy Ball Sizes

We have the largest selection of bouncy balls and superballs for sale at cheap prices with no sales tax! We offer dozens of colors and styles in various sizes, including all the newest products.

27mm bouncy balls will work in any of our 1"gumball or toy vending machines. 45mm or 49mm bouncy balls will work in any of our 2" vending machines. Click on your desired superball size to view our selection of styles and colors.

Additional Information

What size Bouncy Ball do I need?

The size you need depends on your vending machine and the dispensing wheel inside of it. If you have a smaller vending machine meant to dispense gumballs or 1-inch toy capsules, you need to purchase 27mm bouncy balls. If your machine is designed for larger 2-inch toy capsules you will need either 45mm or 49mm bouncy balls to vend those items. If in doubt, you can measure the diameter of the circular holes in the dispensing wheel of your machine to determine the correct size. Measure directly across the circle from one edge to the other to find it's diameter, and then determine which size you need to vend properly out of the dispensing wheel.

Can I mix different products in my vending machine?

Spice up your vending business by mixing different types of vending products, read on to find out which vending products work well together...but we strongly recommend that you do NOT mix edible and non-edible productsl You don't want a young child to swallow a toy thinking it was an edible product like a gumball or jawbreaker! This can be very dangerous as young children who might not realize they are not edible. 27mm superballs work best if mixed with 1.1" acorn toy capsules, and 45mm or 49mm superballs with 2" capsules. However be careful as their weight may cause the capsule lids to pop open if not handled gently. In our experience, it works best to layer the different products as you fill your vending machine, the contents will continue to shift and mix as more and more items are vended out of the machine.