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Change Machines

Change machine & dollar bill coin change machine for sale! In an industry ruled by quarters, change machines provide the lube that your coin operated vending machines need to keep pumping out product all day long. With several different categories of change machines based on installation type and coin dispenser capabilities, we have change machines for almost any location or use.
Change Machine Information

Change Machine Buying Guide

What types of change machines can you buy online at Gumballs.com?

Thank you for visiting Gumballs.com, we sincerely appreciate your business! If you have any questions about the changemachines we sell, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our prices are low but we do not sell cheap change machines! We exclusively sell high-quality, brand new bill changers with full factory warranties. We want you to be happy with your coin machine so we can add you to our long list of happy customers, and we know that you'll likely return to us as your trusted vending machine company. If you want to share any recent trends or ideas, please post a comment on our blog! Below are the most common applications for coin changer machines:

Vending Change Machines
Large vending route operations will frequently incorporate a coin change machine so customers can easily exchange dollar bills into quarters. This will increase sales for nearby bulk candy and gumball vending machines, coin-operated toy vending machines, crane machines or arcade games.

Car Wash Change Machines
We know that reliability and security are crucial for coin changer and pay station machines at automatic car wash bays. Automated dollar bill ex-changing into coins or tokens helps save personnel costs and provides quick service for customers in a hurry.

Laundry Change Machines
We know that reliability and security are crucial for laundry coin changer machines and pay station machines at automatic coin-operated laundry Laundromats. Automated dollar bill ex-changing into coins or tokens that customers can then use on laundry coin machines helps save personnel costs and provides quick service for customers in a hurry.

Amusement Arcade Change Machines
Many of us have childhood memories of frequenting the boardwalk arcade while on summer vacation. With potentially hundreds of amusement arcade games to play, changing dollar bills into coins or tokens is a crucial part of the business, and you can't pay to have personnel stand next to each machine and exchange bills for coins. Automated coin changer machines are the way to play!

How to Clean a Change Machine

Looking for advice on how to clean and maintain a change machine?

If you've seen "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (and really, who hasn't?), you can no doubt imagine that working alongside gumballs and candy can be lively. And when it comes to the sweet stuff, it is!

But, not everything Gumballs.com offers is as fun, colorful or delicious as gumballs, candies and other confections. We offer practical items, too. Gumballs.com also carries the full range of Standard Change-Makers change, token and ticket machines.

If you own or manage a coin-operated business, having a working change machine is the lifeblood of your business. Standard Change-Makers, Inc. has designed and manufactured currency changers for self-service, coin-operated industries, such as laundry, car wash, amusement and vending, for more than 50 years. These superior quality machines are built in the United States and require very little maintenance. When problems do arise, they can usually be resolved over the phone with a technical expert or avoided altogether by following a few simple maintenance guidelines.

The parts in Standard Change Machines that will occasionally need maintenance are the Bill Acceptor, Bill Dispenser, and Coin Hopper (coin dispenser). Other components, like the EF Control Module, Power Supply, and Cables require no maintenance. The most common sources that will limit the effectiveness of your change machine are dust, dirt, and rough handling. A can of compressed air, a mild cleaner like Simple Green cleaner or something similar, glass cleaner, and clean rags are about all you'll need to keep your machine in optimal condition.

The bill acceptor has a lower track unit that can be removed from the acceptor housing. It also has belts that move the bill inside the acceptor. Every couple months, Standard Change recommends removing the bill cassette and blowing compressed air into the front of the acceptor (where bills are inserted) to remove any dust and debris. About twice a year, remove the lower track and clean the glass window with glass cleaner and a clean rag. Use a cleaning solution to clean the belts, wiping them until dry.

The bill dispenser has a similar maintenance plan. There is nothing to remove or sensor windows to clean, but cleaning the belts twice a year, similar to the bill acceptor belts, will help keep your machine humming. Also, blow dust and debris out of the bill dispenser with compressed air periodically. The most common problem with change machines is a jammed bill acceptor. The easiest way to avoid jams is using ATM quality bills and loading the cassette properly. Limp, torn, or folded bills will cause bill jams so it's important to be aware that newer bills will always work better.

The coin hopper requires less maintenance. Dump the hopper completely of coins twice a year and remove any bent coins that may be lodged in the bottom of the hopper. Also, use the compressed air to blow any dust or debris off the hopper control board and coin chute.