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Parts, Locks & Keys

Vending machine parts, keys, locks & globes for sale! Looking for gumball machine parts - such as lock & key sets, glass globes, coin mechanisms, dispensing wheels, candy wheels, or other vending machine replacement parts? We offer brand new factory original replacement gumball machine parts, but only for the machines that we sell below.

Please note: We offer no refunds or exchanges on replacement parts. If your exact machine isn't pictured below, please do not call us with questions or buy our parts! If you need help with parts, please email photos of your machine to info@gumballs.com, along with what parts you need, and we will try to provide some guidance. Without photos, we can't answer questions about parts for old gumball machines. Click on the photo of your machine below to identify and purchase your gumball machine part.

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Gumball Machine Parts Information

How to Identify your Gumball or Candy Machine for Parts

Have you ever noticed that most gumball machines look the same? There are the triple vends and the spiral gumball machines and then the classic machine designs and very few of them have any sort of label or brand name on the gumball machine. This makes it very difficult to identify most gumball machines as there are many different manufacturers out there making machines that look almost identical (as a quick example, we have switched manufacturers for the Classic Candy and Gumball Machine three times in the last 14 years in order to provide our customers the highest quality machines at the best prices). This becomes even more complicated as parts from one manufacturer are generally not compatible with those of another.

first place you want to check when you are trying to identify the gumball machine is on the machine itself. Check the door flap or the lid of the gumball machine to see if there are any brand names stamped into those metal pieces. The coin mechanism is a good next step with one exception. The Beaver Brand Coin Mechanisms are so good that many manufacturers now use them in their machines (even altering them from the stock beaver designs). If your coin mechanism says Beaver but the word Beaver is not also found on the top lid or door flap of the machine, your machine is almost certainly not a Beaver brand gumball machine.

The next step is to contact the company that sold you the gumball machine. We keep records back to 1993 of all of the gumball machines that we sold and who the manufacturer of that machine was. Most other sellers of machines do the same. If you can dig up your original order number, it is easy to locate that original order and identify a machine.

The third step is to take your machine apart and look at every piece for a model number or name. Most machines do not have any markings like this, but we are getting towards the bottom of the option list for getting a positive ID on the machine. Just be sure to remember how you took the machine apart so that you can reassemble the gumball or candy machine when you are finished.

The final option to identify a machine is to take some pictures of your machines and send it to different vendors to see if they recognize the machine as one that they sell. If the retailer can identify the machine they will also know where you can purchase replacement parts for the machine.

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