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Cotton Candy Machines

When kids and grownups go to an amusement park, there is one thing above all others that they look forward to enjoying, and that is normally cotton candy. Of an apparently prodigious size, cotton candy looks bit, but it's just fluffy, iti's not really big. In fact, very little material goes into making cotton candy. In fact, you can create something from almost nothing and make a puffy profit from the results. The huge cloud on a stick that is cotton candy is formed from long strands of sugar floss. Ironic, isn't it? we call it floss when it damages teeth? Gumballs.com is the best commercial cotton candy machine store, offering a low price match guarantee along with zero for sales tax! Get started making money with your very own cotton candy machine. Use it at a concession stand, church function, school party and more. Cotton candy also has great margins when compared to the costs of the raw material for other concession types - a few ounces of sugar, flavor and water is much less than hot dog or even popcorn staples. The commercial grade cotton candy machines sold by Gumballs.com all come with the manufacturer's original warranty to provide years of trouble-free service.

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How Do Cotton Candy Machines Work?

Cotton Candy machines operate from a fairly simple arrangement of a few parts. The inner motor and heating element cause the raw material (the sugar) to melt and spin outward. They are collected by the outer bowl, and protected by the overall plastic dome. Pictures of some typical parts are shown below.

  1. Motor and heating element
  2. Dome and bowl, also called floss pancotton candy machine dome
  3. Removable spinning head for easy cleaning. 

How to Use a Cotton Candy Machine?

Using a cotton candy machine is relatively simple, provided it is in good working order. Prepare the machine by using a clean, damp cloth to moisten the inside of the floss pan; this helps the floss adhere to it. Use only sugar, floss and coloring recommended by the manufacturer. Usually, pure cane granulated sugar works best. Avoid extra fine granulated, bottlers fine or “free-flowing” sugar. Fill floss pan 90 percent full with sugar. You are now ready to flip the switch; the following steps generally illustrate how it is done, from that point forward:

  1. Plug in and turn on the machine.
  2. After initial warm-up, adjust heat to optimum setting. Reduce temperature if smoking occurs.
  3. Adjust the floaters on the  machine’s spinning head for more or less lift of the floss.
  4. Hold the pointed end of a cotton candy cone between two fingers and thumb.
  5. Use a light flicking motion with the cone to break into the web of floss.
  6. Use the cone to lift up the floss over the pan before winding the floss around the cone.
  7. Turn the cone in a figure-eight pattern to gather a larger web of floss.
  8. Remove, serve and ensure enjoyment