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Halloween Candy

Happy Halloween Candy

Halloween gumballs and candy! Why pay retail? Buy trick or treat Halloween candy in bulk ahead of October 31 and take advantage of our online savings! The spooky eyeball gumballs are always a hit at any Halloween party! Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) celebrations also benefit from our selection for this time of year. Induct yourself into the Halloween spirit with gross candy, scary stuff, spooky eyeballs, and more - all phenomena that kids love! They will "eat it up". Halloween-themed bouncy balls and toy capsules resonate well at Halloween parties or also provide a long-remembered alternative to candy for trick-or-treaters!

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What to Do with Extra Halloween Candy?

Halloween is over and the sugar rush has (almost) passed...what to do with all that leftover candy? Take it to work and hope your co-workers make it disappear? Keep what you like and toss the rest? For those looking for other creative ideas for leftover candy, consider the following:

  • Check your local area to see if there is a dentist or orthodontist who does a candy swap. Many communities have dentists who offer "buy back" programs where kids can exchange candy for cash.
  • Freeze it. Most candy will keep in the freezer for a year. Take some out when you know you will be craving a sweet treat. Or, use it in other desserts like ice cream sundaes or blend candy pieces into milkshakes.
  • Tuck it away and use it to stuff Christmas stockings. Or, use it to help decorate this year's gingerbread house or as treats in the advent calendar!
  • Lots of candy tastes great in baked goods. Chop up M&Ms, Snickers, Butterfingers or any favorite candy and fold the pieces into the batter before baking.
  • Use smaller candies like M&Ms or mini Reece's Peanut Butter Cups to help younger kids with counting or older kids with their math homework. Kids can use candies to help illustrate basic math problems.
  • Have a birthday coming up soon? Use the candy to stuff the pinata!
  • And of course, if all else fails...just eat it!

How to Make Cute Halloween Gumball Ghosts

Check out this fun article with step-by-step instructions on how to make cute halloween gumball ghosts!