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Bulk mints & wholesale bulk sugar free mints for sale! With our large selection of wholesale bulk mints you are sure to have great breath for the rest of your life, well only if you keep eating these mints regularly. We have all types of wholesale mints, from the melt in your mouth deliciousness of the butter mints, to the rich flavor of some of the chocolate mints, to the the guilt-free bulk sugar free mints. With different quantities, flavors and varieties of bulk mints to choose from and a great freshness guarantee, Gumballs.com is the place to get all of your bulk mints!

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Bulk Mints Information

What can you tell me about bulk mints?

Mints or peppermints are a candy that is known for its fresh flavor and they are commonly used to “freshen” ones breath. Here are some more interesting tidbits about bulk mints that you may not have known. The mint flavor is extracted from the mint or Mentha family of plants. The flavor is extracted as an oil and there are several distinct flavors of mint oil including peppermint oil and spearmint oil. There are also other flavors, like wintergreen, are oils that come from plants with a similar flavor to the mint family of plants but technically are not a part of the Mentha botanical group.

As mints have become more popular, artificial flavors have been used to replace the original plant oil to keep costs down. Mints also come in several sugar-free varieties, which makes them a good snack food for diabetics.

Mints actually have positive medical benefits beyond their sugar-free feature. Mints that contain peppermint oil serve as a muscle relaxant and can help ease the passage of food through the digestive track. Peppermint oil also has been known to help with relieving indigestion or gas after eating. That means that those after dinner mints that you thought were only there to help fix your breath are really helping you digest your food and avoid embarrassing gas buildup.

What are the different types of Mints?

Mint Candy comes in 5 different varieties and each one has its own unique characteristics and flavors. Here is a rundown on the different types of mints.

Hard Mints:

These mints are most frequently used as breath fresheners because they tend to last a long time and the active mint oil can be concentrated in the candy body. We carry the starlight mints, which are available in both sugar and sugar free varieties. Because of the concentrated form of the mint oil, hard mints that contain peppermint oil actually will aid in the digestive process and work very well as an after dinner mint.

Soft Mints:

Soft mint candies most often include the dinner mint and butter mint products, these mints have a lighter, less dense consistency and tend to melt in your mouth much more readily than the hard mints. You also do not need to worry about chipping a tooth if you bite into one of these soft mints. Soft mints are usually made with butter, which adds to both the flavor and texture of the mints.

Scotch Mints:

Scotch Mints are mints with a hard candy shell around a soft chewy center. Traditional scotch mints are white and are very popular in the United Kingdom. In the United States, the best example of scotch mints are Mentos candies produced by the Van Melle company. Scotch mints typically have a spherical or disc shape and are named for the specific mint plant that the mint oil is extracted from (Scientific Name – Mentha Gracilis).

Mint Imperials:

Mint Imperials are very similar to scotch mints, but instead of the soft chewy center, the mint imperials have a harder crumbly mint center. Their shape and color are similar in that they are often a sphere or disc shape, but their unique texture earns them their own place on this list of mints.

Chocolate Mints:

Chocolate Mints are not an official category on most official lists of mint types, but we believe that they deserve their own special place on the list. Chocolate mints come in a couple of different sub varieties. The first is chocolate covered mints, which are often a soft buttermint that has been coated with chocolate. The second is when the chocolate has been infused with mint oil or artificial mint flavoring to create a chocolate mint treat. The famous Andes Chocolate mints that are a popular pillow mint at hotels are a great example of a chocolate mint.