Beaver Vending Machines

For the topmost quality of vendor available, look to the Beaver Gumball & Candy Vending Machines. Each Beaver vending machine is hand built to your order specifications, and can be set up to dispense the widest possible variety of candy, gumballs, toy capsules, golf balls, animal feed and more. Each machine is assembled to customer specifications after it is ordered. Beaver Vending Machines exclusively use the widely recognized New Generation coin mechanism that for many a year has set the standard for vending security and reliability. The New Generation coin mechanism, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, is a drop-through coin mechanism, meaning that if someone inserts something other than the proper quarter(s) for vending, that the foreign item simply drops into the coin area without vending a product. Beaver Gumball & Candy Vending Machines just can't be beat!

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Beaver Vending Machines Quality Standards

Prominent in Beaver Machine Corporation's culture are quality control standards for over 40 years. As an innovator and trendsetter in the bulk vending industry, Beaver Machine produces low-maintenance products built to last, and ensures customer security, confidentiality, and safety.

Safety Features:

  • Each stand comes with security harness
  • The Round Beaver chute cover prevents foreign pieces from entering backwards into the machine.
  • The Northern Beaver door is designed to prevent anything from entering the machine backwards thus contaminating product.
  • The dual locking system on the FLAT-PAK and Northern Beaver series provides access to product, while preventing cash box access.

Security Features:

  • A geographically assigned unique lock number for each customer.
  • It is extremely difficult to disassemble the machine from its stand without keys to the machine being present.

Beaver Quality Control Standards

Beaver Machine Corporation checks every part for quality at each stage of development. The quality assurance program requires each employee to ensure the highest quality possible of every machine produced. Each machine is tested 3 times following fabrication, ahead of being shipped. All die-cast metal parts shipped have a vibratory finish to remove sharp edges, followed by being polished and trimmed to create a shiny, smooth look. ABS impregnated plastic, which has a high stress tolerance, is used. Finally, all venders feature shatter-resistant, polycarbonate globes.

HIgh quality standards are just the beginning. Beaver also excels in customer service. Everyone at Beaver Machine Corporation consistently demonstrates best in industry product support and customer service.

About Beaver Vending Machine Corporation

Beaver Machine Corporation models innovative foresight, that is unsurpassed globally, in product design and engineering. Quality, product support, customer service, and a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects are part of the Beaver family promise. Each vender is custom built using the highest quality standards and materials. Founded by Josef Schwarzli, Beaver Machine Corporation is still a privately owned company known as the most innovative firm in the global vending business.

Established as Machine-O-Matic, Beaver began as a zinc and aluminum casting manufacturer in 1963, producing replacement parts for bulk venders. Once established, the company quickly expanded, casting an array of  components for a variety of customers.

By the mid 1960's the firm re-entered the bulk vending industry, having fabricated the first complete machine, known as the the "Round Beaver 16" (RB16). Over the years the RB16 transitioned away from a glass globe towards a 'plexiglass' globe for greater safety. Today Beaver machines sport shatter-resistant and polycarbonate globes, and Beaver was first in the industry to do this. Enhancements continued through the 70's and 80's with the "Northern Beaver". This machine was designed for capsule vending and has become a success for Beaver Machine Corporation.

Another innovation was the inner workings of the mechanical rotary coin mechanism, which quickly became as best in industry, setting new standards for bulk vending technology all over the world. The NG coin mechanism sells worldwide to OEMs (original equipment manufactures) of many types of vending equipment. The drop-through function is available in dozens of  countries around the world, measuring the thickness and diameter of the correct coin and retaining that coin, while rejecting slugs, washers and foreign currency not sized the same as the correct coin.

With each innovation and change, Beaver Vending has helped reshape the industry to what it is today. Beaver promotes the vending industry beyond traditional foci, launching stands and configurations designed for non-traditional locations. Movie theaters and shopping malls soon became interested in Beaver "Towers" and "Tri-Towers". These new designs metamorphosed the field of  bulk vending from simple gum machines, to interactive works of art.

As one of the oldest companies in the industry, Beaver Machine Corporation has garnered enormous respect, establishing itself as a leader with service and product function. The company continues to drive the industry forward in both mechanical function and service. Continually on the cutting edge of research and development, Beaver is known for developing new products first and therein setting industry standards.

Beaver Machine Corporation practices consistent improvement. Beaver invests in research and development of new products, while continuing to maintain established lines. With Computer Assisted Design, or CAD models available today, Beaver Machine Corporation keeps researching, refining and earning the utmost respect and renown in the bulk vending industry.