Gumball Machines

Simpler nostalgic days are evoked by a simple vintage gumball machine - a time when kids weren't glued to smartphones. Instead, armed with a few coins, they stared into bubble gum machines and guessed which color gumball would come out next. From commercial gumball machines to home use gumball banks - for kids of all ages - we have not only a low price guarantee, but also a full factory warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee (Pssst, and pay no sales tax either!). Let the youth of today be called away from the compelling glowing screens to something real that engages all the fun factor of those who are young at heart. Relive childhood with the most wholesome of all gifts: the humble bubblegum machine.

Additional Information

Unboxing & Assembly

Congratulations on your new dispensing machine purchase! Upon receipt, be sure to open and inspect it, and review any instructions enclosed in order to familiarize yourself with it. Your new gumball machine arrives assembled, although in order to mount it to a stand, you will need to partially disassemble it. The process is fairly simple, but - like most things - it is easier when you have clear pictures & instructions available.

Lock & Key

Tighten the lock very gently! Most locks only need a couple of turns to be fully secure. Even just one turn too many can break the lock, rendering it needing to be replaced. The key will have your lock’s code on it for reference in case you lose the key and need to replace it. Codes often start with a letter, followed by a few numbers, like S-004. Write this down and keep it in a safe place, because the key is the only place where you will find this code. If you lose the key, you'll be very relieved to remember you wrote the code down so you can easily order a similar replacement!

Coin Mechanism

The coin mechanism is the most critical and complex piece involved in machine function. The last moving part is the coin mechanism. If you need to check your coin mechanism or wish to replace it, it usually, after removing the globe, slides up and out of the machine. A screwdriver sometimes helps get the coin mechanism loose, but thereafter, it usually slides up and out with ease. If you want to use your machine at home or office, and want to set it to vend without quarters (free spin) then follow these instructions:

Dispensing Wheel

The dispensing wheel determines what size and how much product the machine vends: 1" gumballs, candy, nuts, bouncy balls or toy capsules. If you are vending 1” gumballs, then your dispensing wheel will have uniform, round holes just over 1" diameter; in other words, each is large enough for one gumball to transit per turn. For bubble gum machines and candy dispensing, the wheel will have triangular holes that are shaped like slices of pie and are also adjustable. Choose the setting based on the amount of candy to be dispensed per vend. Check out the following helpful articles:

Cash Box

One important early buying decisions is if you would like your new machine to have a cashbox or not. Here's a great article to help you decide if a cashbox is right for you.

Starting a Vending Business

If this is your first vending machine and you want it to become an additional source income, then you are probably seeking best practices to run a new route. The following articles should help you get started!

Replacement Parts

We offer replacement parts for many of the gumball machines that we sell. All parts can be found on our Parts Page.

You have your machine and your location…now all that’s left to do is fill your machine, place it on location and wait for the quarters to start coming in. Thank you for visiting!!