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Bulk toys for sale! Shop the largest selection of toy capsules and vending machine toys with cheap low prices and no sales tax! We have a great selection of capsule toys in vending capsules for you to choose from in a variety of sizes. Vending machine toys are a classic way for vending route owners to entice new customers and their quarters with multiple repeat purchases to try to get the toy capsule of their choice. Toy capsules put a smile on any kid's face while putting money in your machine! We add new toy capsules weekly, so check back often for the hottest new toys! Also available here are bulk toys, which include many of the same toys, but without the capsules.

Vending Machine Toys and Toy Capsule Information

Kids LOVE vending machine toys! Vending machines that dispense toy capsules or bouncy balls are a great (and sugar free!) alternative to gumball or candy machines. And, they can be highly lucrative when placed in the right location. Following are some toy capsule machine basics.

Additional InformationTypes of Toy Capsules

Learn about the different sizes and styles of toy capsules by clicking here...

Additional InformationWhere are the Best Places to Sell Vending Machine Toys?

Bulk toy capsule vending machines are a great choice for locations that have a lot of foot traffic from families with kids, or just kids on their own. Think pizza parlors, skating rinks, laser tag arenas, movie theaters, arcades, boardwalks, tourist attractions and the like. Read More...

Additional InformationHow do I price my Vending Machine Toys?

How you price your vending machine toys is equally important. Price your vending machine toys to find a good balance between profit and value. Read More...

Additional InformationThe History of Vending Machine Toy Capsules

Toy capsules have been delighting children and adults alike for decades. It’s a great concept; for just a quarter or two, you drop your coins in a toy vending machine, turn the crank for a toy-filled capsule that provides a brief but fun moment of surprise and anticipation. The first known prize-filled toy capsules were egg-shaped. In 1936, Read More...