Vending Machine Toy Capsules

The largest selection of bulk vending machine toys is here. We have great prices, with no sales tax! Toy capsules come in three sizes; they are a great way for route owners to attract new customers and get repeat purchases from them, as they try to get the toy capsule of their choice. Toy capsules put a smile on any kid's face while putting money in your machine! Then there are the empty toy capsules, which can be used for cuistom projects. Finally Bulk Toys can be used outside the vending world, or customized for the mixture you desire. We add new toys of all types as soon as they are available, so check back often for the hottest new products!

Additional Information

Kids love toy capsules and vending machine toys! Vending machines that dispense toy capsules or bouncy balls are a great (and sugar free!) alternative to gumball or candy machines. And, they can be highly lucrative when placed in the right location. Following are some toy capsule machine basics.

Types of Toy Capsules

In most cases, a toy capsule machine dispenses a 1” toy capsule OR a 2” toy capsule (size refers to the longest dimension of the capsule), not both. Most toy capsules are acorn shaped, but there are a few 1” round toy capsules available, as well as TOMY GACHA toy capsules, which will ONLY vend from a TOMY GACHA toy capsule vending machine (see video below). One inch round toy capsules can dispense from machines that are equipped to vend 1” gumballs and are the best choice for machines with a spiral track. Other sizes include the 4" toy capsule that is used in crane claw machines.

Where are the Best Places to Sell Vending Machine Toys?

Bulk toy capsule vending machines are a great choice for locations that have a lot of foot traffic from families with kids, or just kids on their own. Think pizza parlors, skating rinks, laser tag arenas, movie theaters, arcades, boardwalks, tourist attractions and the like. Toy capsule machines can stand alone or they can be used in combination with gumball and candy machines as part of a vending machine rack. Before purchasing any vending equipment, know your space limitations to be sure that machines will easily fit and fill the location.

While machine location is critical to the success of your vending machine toys, you also must carefully consider what products to vend. First, offer vending machine toys that will appeal to the crowd and draw their quarters. Think about what’s currently popular among kids. Is there a hot new kids’ movie or character? What’s the current trend among kids? New vending machine toys are available on a regular basis and chances are there are vending machine toys available that hone in on a current kid fad (think Crazy Bands from 2011!) Also, be creative! Are there less obvious locations that might want to vend a specific toy capsule? For example, comic book stores might love to have a toy capsule machine that vends a capsule featuring a super hero. If you have toy capsule machines that take more than two quarters, you also might want to supply a change machine to the location or make sure there is one available nearby.

How do I price my Vending Machine Toys?

How you price your vending machine toys is equally important. Price your vending machine toys to find a good balance between profit and value. Most vending machine toys are sold in bulk cases of 250 toy capsules. If you sold all 250 toy capsules for $0.25/each, you would net $62.50. Fifty cents each would gross $125.00, $0.75/each $165.00 and $1.00/each $250.00. Determine your complete product cost and then price the toy capsule to offer value to the customer but you also are making a profit. When purchasing a toy vending machine new, you have the opportunity to choose a coin mechanism denomination, starting at $0.25 and up to $0.50, $0.75 or $1.00. Already have a toy capsule machine but want to change the denomination of the coin mechanism? In most cases, you can simply replace the entire mechanism.

The History of Vending Machine Toy Capsules

Toy capsules have been delighting children and adults alike for decades. It’s a great concept; for just a quarter or two, you drop your coins in a toy vending machine, turn the crank for a toy-filled capsule that provides a brief but fun moment of surprise and anticipation. The first known prize-filled toy capsules were egg-shaped. In 1936, bulk vending innovator Samuel Eppy was working for Gum, Inc., when in an effort to boost gum sales, he created plastic charms to be enclosed with each piece of gum. While Eppy’s idea was not initially successful due to packaging problems, his charm and gum-filled eggs eventually led to today’s toy capsule and toy capsule vending machine industry. Eppy did not allow his initial lack of success prevent him from trying again. He purchased the toy egg mold from Gum, Inc. and in true entrepreneurial spirit when into business for himself. His knowledge of the bulk vending industry was limited to vending machines that dispensed gumballs and nuts for a penny, but it gave him the idea to do something similar for his charms. Fast forward a few years, Sam, along with his brothers, introduced the first toy capsule vending machine under the Eppy Charm Company. The first toy capsules were the same one-inch capsules widely used today.

The Eppy brothers continued to innovate within the vending industry for several decades, including creating novelty toy capsules shaped like fruits, before retiring and selling their company to the Parisi family, who renamed the company Alper Industries. One of the biggest modernizations to be developed by Alper Industries was a two-inch plastic toy capsule designed to stay closed in bulk vending machines This was an important innovation because it helped prevent toy capsule machines from jamming, which was a common problem with toy capsules as they would often pop open inside the vending machine. The Alper design continues to be used by toy egg manufacturers around the world.

Today, toy capsule and toy egg machines can be found in a myriad of locations, from your local grocery store to arcades to pizza and ice cream parlors and even doctor and dentists offices. While the toy capsule industry has come a long way from its humble beginnings, its continued success lies in what it provides for just a coin or two; instant joy and gratification.