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Vending Tattoos

The largest array of vending tattoo refills anywhere on the internet is right here at Gumballs.com. We receive new varieties of vending tattoos all of the time to keep up with the hottest TV shows, biggest teen stars, most popular trends, and latest movies. All these tattoos - unless otherwise noted - come 300 sheets/case, and all are packed individually in 3" x 4.5" folders to be quickly and easily loaded into a tattoo vending machine. One case of vending tattoos will fill one column in a standard tattoo vending machines (eg, a 2 column machine requires 2 cases). Gumballs.com exclusive: Display cards are included free with each order!

40 Items

Set Descending Direction
per page

40 Items

Set Descending Direction
per page

Additional Information

Why Vending Tattoos?

Selling vending tattoos is one of the hottest trends in the vending industry. It appeals directly to the highly coveted tweens age group which leads to high sales volume with excellent margins. Here are some of the top reasons that you should consider adding temporary tattoos to your vending route.

  • Vending Tattoos appeal to a great demographic. Kids love the look of wearing tattoos even though they are not old enough to get a real tattoo. Temporary tattoos allow them to pretend to be adults and wear a tattoo largely without upsetting parents.
  • Vending tattoos are a consumable product. They wear off, plain and simple. A customer buys a tattoo from your machine and then in about a week the tattoo wears off and they come back to buy a new temporary tattoo from your machine. Sure they last longer than a hand full of candy, but also means you can charge more than a handful of candy.
  • Temporary Tattoos have high margins. Your most expensive pack of tattoos will run about 15 cents apiece, generic packs are cheaper than that, and because they last for a week and are cool, you can charge 50¢-75¢ each.
  • Temporary Tattoos are also very easy to sell and configure. Tattoo packs include 300 temporary tattoos in flat vend cards which is enough to fill one column of a flat vend machine. Most flat vend machines come with 2-6 columns and it is easy to move around your products and swap out selections.
  • Tattoo vending machines also make it easy to change the price per vend allowing you to discount tattoos that are not moving as well. We also include a display with each pack of tattoos that makes it effortless to market your tattoos in your machine.
  • Tattoos are trendy. Besides the grown up feel, tattoos are often one of the first items to be released along with a hit move, tv show or video game. You can stay ahead of the curve with flat vend products much better than with other vending items.

How to Apply a Temporary Tattoo

It is not difficult to apply a temporary tattoo, but as with everything in life, there are little tricks that help ensure that you get perfect results with your tattoos every time.

  1. Decide where you would like your temporary tattoo to be. One you have chosen a location to apply the tattoo you want to make sure that you clean the area completely with water and mild soap or some alcohol to make sure that you remove all of the oils on the skin.
  2. Position the temporary tattoo on your skin as you would like it to appear. Pay attention as to the orientation and how you want others to see the tattoo when it is on display on your body. Remember that the tattoo will be the reverse image of the side that you are looking and place against your skin
  3. Cover the temporary tattoo with a wet washcloth or sponge. The cloth should be damp but not soaking wet for best results. It is best to press the washcloth firmly against the skin over the tattoo for at least 60 seconds before removing.
  4. Remove the washcloth and gently peal the paper backing of the tattoo away from your skin and the temporary tattoo. It usually works best to start at one corner and then slowly pull that corner away from your skin bending back the paper as you peel. If you run into problems on this step it helps to replace the damp cloth for an extra 30 seconds to make sure that the tattoo is no longer attached to the paper.
  5. Allow the tattoo to dry for about one minute before you move or flex the skin. This will allow the temporary tattoo to dry in place and will help avoid accidental creasing or rubbing off before it is set.