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Candy Machines

Candy machines for sale! Each candy machine listed on this page can be equipped with an adjustable candy dispensing wheel that will vend most bulk candy items. The candy dispensing wheel can be adjusted to let out the perfect number of candy pieces per vend no matter what size candy you choose to fill your machine with. These candy machines are brand new and come with a manufacturer's warranty for years of trouble free commercial use - perfect for any vending route!
Candy Machine Information

How to Adjust a Candy Dispensing Wheel

Whether you are a seasoned bulk candy vending veteran or just starting out, the setting of your candy wheel dispenser is critical to striking a balance between providing value to your customers while also running a profitable business. Adjusting the candy wheel on your machine to the highest setting might provide maximum product for your customers, but you also will be cutting into your bottom line. If you adjust the setting too small, your customers will not get a good value for their money.

So, how do you know what setting to choose? Since candy comes in different shapes and sizes and candy machines can vary slightly by manufacturer, the only way to figure out what will work best for you and your business goals is to test your machine. Before filling your machine, choose the candy wheel setting you'd like to test and put a very small quantity of the candy you'd like to vend in the machine. Run a quarter through the machine. Based on how little or how much comes out and your business goals, you may want to adjust your candy wheel setting to be larger or smaller and test it again until you find what setting works.

Many vending operators want to know how many pieces of candy are in a pound so they can figure out profit by the pound. To help with this we offer a general guide to candy piece count on our Candy Category Page

Candy Machine Initial Setup and Maintenance!

Buying a new candy machine is an exciting moment, but soon after you receive that tracking number, there is the realization that you will need to know this machine inside and out in order to maximize your candy vending profits. Welcome to the candy vending fraternity that specializes in turning pieces of sugar into shiny quarters. Your new candy vending machine will do most of the work for you, but you will need to understand how it works and how best to set it up before you can master the art of owning a candy vending route.

Cashbox - One of the first decisions is if you would like your new machine to have a cashbox or not. This article will guide you through the decision of if a cashbox is right for your candy machine

Dispensing Wheel - The dispensing wheel of a candy machine determines how much candy is dispensed with each quarter inserted into the machine. Other dispensing wheel options let you switch products to gumballs, toy capsules or other products. This article will help you get up to speed on the different types of dispensing wheels available for your candy machine.

Attaching your Candy Machine to a Stand - Your new candy vending machine comes fully assembled, but you will need to take it apart in order to mount it to the stand that you purchased with it. This is a simple process, but - like most things - it is easier when you have a good set of instructions and pictures to follow as you mount your new candy machine to its stand. How to attach a candy machine to a stand.

Starting a Vending Business - If this is your first candy machine and you are looking to turn it into a source of additional income, then you are probably looking for ideas and best practices for running your new candy vending machine route. This resource guide on starting a vending business has everything that you need to know about selling candy.

Candy Machine Parts - If you are looking for replacement parts for your candy vending machine, we do offer parts for the machines that we sell. All of our parts can be found on our vending machine parts page.

We hope that you are excited about your decision to buy a vending machine because we are excited to help you get successfully started selling candy with your new machine!

Recent Candy Machine Trends

Recent trends we've seen with our candy machines for sale: We've seen a lot of customers wanting to buy small candy machines to put in an office or front reception desk and fill with small gumballs or candy. This is a friendly greeting to customers in a place of business, or to encourage co-workers to stop by and say hi. We've also had customers buy a home candy machine to add to a game room to create a little extra fun atmosphere. We've even had a few customers buy one of these to use as a fish food vending machine at a fish pond. If you want to share any recent trends or ideas, please send us an email and let us know!