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Candy Machines

Candy machines for sale! Each candy machine listed on this page can be equipped with an adjustable candy dispensing wheel that will vend most bulk candy items. The candy dispensing wheel can be adjusted to let out the perfect number of candy pieces per vend no matter what size candy you choose to fill your machine with. These candy machines are brand new and come with a manufacturer's warranty for years of trouble free commercial use - perfect for any vending route!
Candy Machine Information

Additional InformationHow to Adjust a Candy Dispensing Wheel

Whether you are a seasoned bulk candy vending veteran or just starting out, the setting of your candy wheel dispenser is critical to striking a balance between providing value to your customers while also running a profitable business. Read more...

Additional InformationCandy Machine Initial Setup and Maintenance!

Buying a new candy machine is an exciting moment, but soon after you receive that tracking number, there is the realization that you will need to know this machine inside and out in order to maximize your candy vending profits. Start learning about your candy machine...

Additional InformationRecent Candy Machine Trends