Custom Logo Candy

Want to make a powerful statement during an upcoming event, trade show or party? Many of our customers report that custom logo'ed promotional candy inspires truly incredible first and lasting memories. We regularly print names, letters, logos,words, sayings, symbols and more on our custom candy or candy wrappers - after a digital proof of course, in most cases. Our custom candy, professionally printed by machine, results in the highest-quality finished products in existence today! Depending on the product, customization may include printing either on the wrapper or on the candy or on both. Spread the word without speaking a word with custom logo candy!

Additional Information

What are custom logo candy options?

When you want to make a sweet impression, sometimes the easiest way to do it is by sharing some candy. Candy in custom designs carries with it a certain sophistication that contrasts with that of custom gumballs! Custom logo candy may be customized at several levels, depending on the individual product:

  • On the wrapper
  • On the tie or closure
  • On an inner wrapper
  • On a sticker on the package
  • On the candy itself
  • Any combination of the above