Blueberry Gumballs (1"/850count)

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Blueberry Gumballs (1/850count)

Blueberry Gumballs 1"/850 Count Bulk Case
Blueberry Gumballs are one of the classic gumball flavors that people love. This case of 850 light blue Blueberry gumballs are made by Bubble King and compliment a solid blue shell with a soft and delicious gum core that people love to chew. Truly a classic gumball. The one inch gumball size is the standard size for commercial gumball machines and each case includes a display for your gumball machine.

Flavor: Blueberry
Size: 1 inch / 25mm diameter
Quantity: 850 gumballs per case
Weight: 17 pounds

Kosher Certification Circle U