Dubble Bubble "Boo-Boo-Bytes" Mini Chiclet Gum

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Dubble Bubble Boo-Boo-Bytes Mini Chiclet Gum

Dubble Bubble "Boo Boo Bytes" Mini Chiclets Bubble Gum 30lb Bulk Case
These are small mini versions of the classic chiclet bubble gum. All of us here would like to meet the marketing genius who came up with "Boo Boo Bytes" because the name makes absolutely no sense! But what we think the name is trying to convey is that these are baby-sized, small chicklets instead of the normal size. But come to think of it, the normal ones aren't all that big either. Hmmm. Well whatever the marketing thinking is, they're small chicklets and they taste great!

Flavors: Assorted fruit
Quantity: 22,000 chiclets per case
Weight: 33 pounds

Kosher Certification Circle U