How To Adjust a Candy Machine Dispensing Wheel?

One cool feature of a bulk vendor set with a candy dispensing wheel is that the openings on the wheel that the candy passes through can be adjusted to dispense more or less candy. Before filling your candy machine to the brim, you might want to experiment with the different dispensing wheel settings to find the one that works best for you and your business. Remember that candy comes in different shapes and sizes. A setting that works for one candy might not be the best for another.

5 Steps to Adjust a Candy Vending Machine Dispensing Wheel:

  1. Remove the lock and lid: Undo the lock turning it counter clockwise and remove it and the lid from your machine
  2. Remove the globe: Using a Phillips screw driver, remove the two screws or hold down rods (whichever one applies to your machine) these screws or hold down rods go through the brush plate locking the globe to the hopper.
  3. Remove the brush plate and dispensing wheel: Lift the existing brush plate and wheel up off the center rod of the machine. In some machines, you might have to remove two screws on either side of the dispensing wheel assembly to lift it out of the machine. If you are changing from a gumball wheel to a candy wheel, also remove the spacer.
  4. Adjust the dispensing wheel: Some machines have a metal wing screwed into the dispensing wheel. To adjust the openings (and how much product you vend), remove the screws that hold the metal wing onto the dispensing wheel. Quantities are adjusted by lifting and removing the metal wing out of the candy wheel and replacing it using one of the other settings that is visible inside the candy wheel. Some candy machines have a plastic wing that can be lifted off the wheel without loosening any screws. Plastic wings have tabs on them that fit into grooves on the edges of the dispensing wheel to create the different settings. You can lift the wing up and rotate it slightly, lining up the tabs with the grooves to make the dispensing wheel openings larger or smaller. Once you have the desired setting, replace the screws that hold the metal wing onto the dispensing wheel.
  5. Re-assemble the machine: Once the spacer, wheel and brush plate are inserted, place the globe dish (only apples to cylinder globe) and globe back on to the hopper using the two screws or hold down rods which ever one’s apply to your machine and screw them down to hold globe in place (do not over tighten). Now test your new setup and you are set to vend!

Candy Machine Dispensing Wheel Diagram