Which Gumball Colors and Flavors Are Available?

Gumballs are an easy way to incorporate that just right pop of color at any event. Gumballs also make fun party favors sure to put a smile on everyone's face AND they work great for a wide variety of occasions, from personal milestone celebrations (sweet sixteens, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, graduations, etc.) to corporate events for customers or employees. Even the smallest details are important when planning an event and those fine particulars can often be a source of stress. But when it comes to gumballs by color, we can help! Following is some useful information that will help you as you figure out what solid colored gumballs to get to help make your event memorable. Check out our video showing the different color gumballs that are available as well as some fun gumball decorating tips and tricks.

  • Solid colored gumballs (no logo on the gumball) are available in two sizes; one-inch and .56 inch. Not sure what that means? Refer to the gumball by size chart for a visual of all the different gumball sizes.
  • Cases of 1 inch gumballs are available in a variety of solid colors from black to white and everything in between. The smaller .56"; solid colored gumball is available in cases of all white or all orange ONLY.
  • Cases of 1-inch gumballs include 850 1 inch gumballs. Cases of .56 inch gumballs contain 5,800 gumballs.

Gumballs by Different Color Shades

While the Web site photos of each solid-colored gumball show the color, we also have listed the different solid colored gumballs available below, with a more detailed description of the actual color (flash photography can distort the color to a degree and we want you to love your gumballs!)

  • White Gumballs = solid, matte white
  • White Decorator Gumballs = solid white, shinier than the white gumballs
  • White Pearl Gumballs = solid white with a shimmery sheen (perfect for weddings, baptisms, first communions)
  • Orange Gumballs = bright, shiny orange, like orange soda
  • Orange Pearl Gumballs = softer, shimmery orange, with a gold tone
  • Pink Gumballs = bright, bubblegum pink
  • Pink Decorator Gumballs = bright, bubblegum pink, shinier than the pink gumballs
  • Pink Pearl Gumballs = softer, shimmery pink, perfect for baby showers
  • Red Gumballs = deeper red, closer to brick red than fire engine red
  • Yellow Gumballs = bright yellow, like a ripe banana
  • Yellow Pearl Gumballs = softer, shimmery yellow, almost a light gold
  • Purple Gumballs = deeper purple, like a violet crayon
  • Lavender Pearl Gumballs = soft, shimmery lavender
  • Green Gumballs = kelly green
  • Light Green Gumballs = granny smith apple green
  • Lime Green Pearl Gumballs = paler, shimmery green
  • Blue Gumballs = royal blue
  • Light Blue Gumballs = brighter blue, turquoise
  • Power Blue Pearl Gumballs = pale, shimmery blue, perfect for a baby shower honoring a baby boy
  • Gold Gumballs = deep gold, almost bronze
  • Sliver Gumballs = silver gumballs, close to nickel colored
  • Black Gumballs = no explanation needed!
  • Brown Gumballs = root beer colored
  • Red, White and Blue Gumballs = bright red, solid white and royal blue
  • Red, White and Green Gumballs = bright red, solid white and kelly green